American Marriage Center Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which insurance companies do you accept?
We accept most insurance plans and will do our best to work with your financial situation.

2. I’ve never had couple counseling before, how does this work?
We sit down with you and help you to examine and evaluate the issues and problems. Very often, topics that turn into painful disputes at home can be discussed and resolved in the presence of a professional.

3. How many sessions do we need?
Each couple is unique so there is no way to estimate how many sessions are necessary to resolve the conflicts and problems.

4. What if my spouse or partner doesn’t want to come for counseling?
If one partner or spouse does not want to come for counseling, we can often help the whole couple by strategizing with the person who does come for marital counseling. Also, if one partner comes by themselves, the other person will eventually come also.

5. Do you see couples who are not married?
Couple counseling is for all couples, whether legally married, dating or living together.

6. Do you do pre-marital counseling?
Pre-marital therapy is very important in averting future difficulties. If issues are not resolved before marriage, they tend to build up and it results in more resentment in the future.

7. Do you see people individually?
We also see people who want to come for their own individual issues.

8. Do you work with same sex couples?
Same sex couples have the same relationship problems and difficulties as heterosexual couples and can greatly benefit from therapy and couple counseling.

9. Do you see children or families?
We work with adolescents and young adults who are having problems both within their family and in their own lives.


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