Marriage Counseling in New York

couple2-2-largeConflict is natural and inevitable as a relationship grows and develops. Stressors from outside a marriage can negatively affect the relationship, and problems within the marriage impact other areas such as work, physical and psychological health, friendships and family. As stress mounts, so does blame, fighting, withdrawal, sexual difficulties and other warnings of a breakdown in communication. 

 Even when couples are aware of repetitive destructive patterns of interaction, they often feel helpless to change. Frequently, they believe that their conflicts mean a failed marriage and are reluctant to seek professional help. Marriage counseling offers a uniquely nonjudgmental, trusting environment where couples discuss their differences and come to understand the sources of their difficulties.

Some couples seek marital counseling when relationship issues of infidelity, child rearing conflicts, infertility, finances, neglect or anger issues reach a level of crisis. In some marriages, there is a more gradual disintegration of communication and mutual caring. Couples learn new skills to prevent the repetition of unhealthy communication, and strategies are mastered to negotiate future issues. These rebuilding tools allow a revitalization of the marriage so that the couple can rediscover and solidify the foundation of their relationship.

At AMC, we help stop the cycles of accusation and blame and enable couples to get to the heart of the matter. As a result, the warm, loving feelings can resurface, bringing a sense of well being and hope back into the relationship.


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